Salto Gymnastics making an impact with Luton Rising’s support

Last week, Luton Rising’s Engagement Director, Orlagh Ennis and Social Media Coordinator, Rosie Copperwheat visited the Salto Gymnastics facility in Sundon Park, Luton and met with Salto’s COO, Carl Richardson.

Salto Gymnastics charity inspires young people to improve their health and wellbeing through high quality gymnastics. Their programmes focus on developing the emotional, physiological and technical skills of participants and also bring families together for physical activity to enhance community cohesion.

Our team witnessed firsthand the high quality and engaging coaching, supported by the excellent equipment bought with Luton Rising’s support. Salto’s impact is widespread, including programmes for children with physical and learning disabilities in schools around Luton and ensuring that their classes are accessible to those who would typically face a financial barrier to attend.

It was amazing to see how Salto Gymnastics have flourished, transitioning from volunteers to full-time permanent staff with gymnastics training. Showing the sustainability and longevity of the project, many of the team members were trained within the Salto Gymnastics school itself.

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