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Over 357 trees planted across Luton

The Peace Garden, a wonderful community led and driven initiative to plant trees in memory of those in Luton who have lost their lives to Covid, continues its planting across Luton.

This meaningful project has given community members a chance to mourn their loved ones as a collective community. The project has strengthened the feeling of unity across Luton, highlighted by the diverse range of organisations supporting the project: 

Community Interest Luton, Grassroots Programme, Luton Sixth Form College, Luton and Dunstable University Hospital,  Lea Vale Medical Group, The Mall, Luton Council of Mosques, Luton Council, Luton Council of Faiths,  Denbigh High School, Chiltern Learning Trust, The Shared Learning Trust, Challney High School for Girls, Beech Hill Methodist Church, iCare, Inspire FM – Luton, are just some of the incredible organisations supporting the initiative.

Luton Rising committed to match fund the community fundraising campaign. The community have raised over £11,000 to support the Peace Garden planting, so Luton Rising has matched funds, providing a further £10,000.

To date, 357 trees have been planted;

·       Wigmore Park: 225 trees

·       Wardown Park: 15 trees

·       Popes Meadow: 20 trees

·       People’s Park: 7 trees

·       Mayne Ave open space: 90

These trees will create a space for residents to return to and remember those who passed away to covid-19. Thank you to everyone who came and supported the initiative and to those who were able to plant a tree.

Follow updates about the Peace Garden project on their Facebook page here or on their Twitter page here.