Our net zero


Our net zero strategy

Our Net Zero Strategy

Luton Council declared a climate emergency in July 2019, aiming to become carbon neutral by 2040. Luton Rising is owned by Luton Council.

Our Net Zero Strategy sets out our plan to become Net Zero by 2040, building on both our 2019 Sustainability Strategy and supporting our ambition to become a leader among the UK’s greenest airports over the next 20 years.

Our Strategy

  • Adopt a whole-life emissions approach and circular economy principles for construction
  • Decarbonise energy used in operations
  • Promote the number of trips to our properties using active and sustainable transport modes
  • Promote use of low emissions aircraft and decarbonise ground operations

Our Strategy identifies how we will reduce emissions, and when those reductions will occur, by 2040

We use a hierarchy of actions to tackle our emissions:

Innovate, where we focus on those emissions which can be avoided by making changes to our current activities to lower emissions

Transition, where we use technology or behaviour changes to deliver the same output with lower emissions

Transform, where we decarbonise the energy sources upstream to allow those benefits to filter through to downstream activities

Removal, where we use local, community-based projects to remove residual emissions from the atmosphere, achieving Net Zero

We will include costs to the environment in our investment and spending decisions by using the UK Government’s central estimate of carbon traded values.