Our path to sustainability, including Net Zero Carbon, with expansion plans controlled by binding, independently-measured environmental limits

Our planet

Airports do much that is good. They are gateways to the world for business and leisure. They are important (often very important) economic hubs. They can generate tens of thousands of jobs. As a wholly community-owned airport we go further still providing millions of pounds each year to support local projects that transform lives.

We are also completely aware that airports cause much that is not good: carbon emissions, noise, road traffic and air pollution. We have a responsibility to our community, our region and our planet to do much more to minimise these impacts, while ensuring the airport continues to provide enormous benefit to our communities.

Our sustainability measures will be, we believe, some of the most far-reaching commitments to minimising these environmental impacts ever put forward by a UK airport.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a sustainability leader, building on our unique position as a community airport owner, by leading an ambitious transition towards Carbon Net Zero; future-proofing our assets; and strengthening our position as a world leader in creating community value through the delivery of inclusive socio-economic growth.

Our environmental commitments cover the current and future operations of the airport, our overall sustainability strategy including our non-airport assets, and our role in helping deliver the Luton 2040 Carbon Neutral target.