Women’s Aid in Luton

A fresh start for hundreds of abused women

Women’s Aid in Luton is one of the hundreds of community organisations to which Luton Rising has contributed around £180m in total over the last 25 years. Women’s Aid in Luton provides a safe space, hope and a chance for a fresh start for women and their children as they flee gender-based violence or domestic abuse.

Women’s Aid in Luton is a voluntary organisation supporting women and children who fall victim to domestic abuse. They offer support and guidance to women and children from all backgrounds and circumstances, this could be just being someone to listen or to offer complete support in breaking away and starting again. They offer a helpline and drop in support groups.

They provide support, information, guidance, and safe accommodation for women and children who have suffered from or are exposed to gender-based violence. They offer practical help, emotional support and/or a temporary safe place to be, enabling women to have thinking time and an opportunity to prepare for a new life. They are also committed to raising awareness of domestic abuse and its effects within the community.

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