Stepping Stones Luton

Providing a way through for hundreds of vulnerable women

Stepping Stones Luton is one of the hundreds of community organisations to which Luton Rising has contributed £180m in total over the last 25 years. 

Stepping Stones Luton is a charity passionately dedicated to empowering women who have experienced domestic abuse or are vulnerable due to substance misuse. Its primary purpose is to instil hope and provide the necessary skills and resources for these women to make positive changes in their lives.

They are committed to transforming the lives of every woman that reaches out to them, extending their impact to their children and wider families. Their primary focus is on alleviating physical and mental distress, financial hardship, and promoting overall well-being through the provision of robust support. While their services are rooted in Luton, they extend their reach to other parts of Bedfordshire and across the United Kingdom.

Ultimately, Stepping Stones Luton is about equipping vulnerable women with hope, skills, and resources to transform their lives, and by extension, transforming the communities they are part of.

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