SIG Penrose

Emotional and practical support for vulnerable people in Luton

SIG Penrose is one of the hundreds of community organisations to which Luton Rising has contributed £180m in total over the last 25 years. They help create stronger, more resilient communities; their services support people in sustaining their tenancies, independence, health and wellbeing. Penrose’s philosophy is: “we can’t change their past, but we can support and empower them to change their future”.

Luton Rising supports Penrose’s Roots to Recovery (R2R) project providing a therapeutic growing space to reduce social isolation and increase physical and emotional well-being for the most vulnerable people in Luton. Luton Rising also supports Penrose’s Steps programme, which helps people who have been discharged from mental health wards to find suitable accommodation, and signposts to housing, hostels, and drug and alcohol services.

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