Early Years Alliance

Building a brighter future for hundreds of children

The Early Years Alliance is one of the hundreds of community organisations to which Luton Rising has contributed £180m in total over the last 25 years.  Through their Flying Start antenatal to five-year programme, they are supporting Luton’s children and families to build firm foundations in the earliest years of life.

Nationally, the organisation represents 14,000 members and aids them in providing care and learning for over 800,000 families annually.

Their vision promotes a society where every child can learn through play, with families central to policy-making and engaged in their child’s growth. Their mission is to help early years providers offer top-quality, affordable, sustainable care and learning for all children, regardless of their background.

The Alliance champions children’s right to play, advocates for families and providers, prioritises families to boost children’s life opportunities, encourages safe practices, raises childcare and early education standards, ensures informed family choices, and provides high-quality training, support and advice.

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