Active Luton

Tens of thousands of people each year enjoy health and wellbeing activities.

Active Luton is one of the hundreds of community organisations to which Luton Rising has contributed around £180m in total over the last 25 years. Active Luton’s sports and leisure facilities enable people to enjoy physical activity, improve their health and wellbeing, and enhance their education and skills. 

Centrally embedded in its community, Active Luton manages numerous town facilities, including Inspire: Luton Sports Village, Lea Manor Recreation Centre, Lewsey Sports Park & Pool, and more. It ventures into Luton’s communities, utilising community spaces, orchestrating community programmes, and serving children and young people through its educational services.

Additionally, Active Luton aids individuals in managing their health and wellbeing in GP practices and healthcare centres via its role in the Total Wellbeing Luton integrated wellbeing service.

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