Luton Rising has received outline planning permission for a scheme aimed at bringing 3,200 new jobs to a previously undelivered key employment site east of London Luton Airport.

New jobs, improved public open space

New Century Park is part of the London Luton Airport Enterprise Zone, supported by SEMLEP, which will deliver up to 7,200 new jobs and inward investment to support economic growth across the sub-region.

The proposed development will include improved facilities in the northern section of Wigmore Valley Park, to include:
• a new play area
• refurbished Wigmore Pavilion
• a new, larger area of replacement public open space

Gaining access: a new road

Plans for commercial development at New Century Park have been discussed for more than 20 years but not delivered by the previous landowners due to the difficulty of providing access.

The new access road will be delivered as part of the airport expansion plans, this will unlock development at New Century Park. It will run from a new roundabout on the A1081, and around the western, northern and eastern perimeters of London Luton Airport.

Planning permission

Planning permission for New Century Park was granted in 2021. Further information on the proposal can be found here.

Luton Rising’s commitment

Luton Rising is committed to improving the public open space available in the area to local residents, and to ensuring that there is the least possible disruption to airport operations, businesses and local residents as this key development is brought forward.