Driving economic and employment growth for future generations.

Our airport

Working with the airport operator, LLAOL, and Luton Council, we are encouraging local people to apply for jobs at the airport. See the available jobs here.

We are an airport owner entirely focused on supporting and improving people’s lives, and driving economic and employment growth, both in Luton and neighbouring communities. We see it as vital that we continue to plan for how prudent investment in the airport and our other assets can continue to benefit future generations. We are also continuing to support essential recovery from the impacts of coronavirus.

At the end of 2019, London Luton Airport was the UK’s fifth largest and one of its fastest growing airports – serving almost 18 million passengers per annum, supporting 27,000 jobs (over 12,000 from Luton) and delivering £1.8bn economic activity for UK GDP. It is widely recognised as the most significant and important player in Luton’s economy.

We now have plans for the long-term expansion of the airport up to 32 million passengers, which will create around 11,000 new jobs and an additional £1.5bn in economic activity.

Our application for a Development Consent Order for the sustainable long-term expansion of our airport has been accepted for examination by the Planning Inspectorate. To view all documents and correspondence associated with our application, go to the Planning Inspectorate website.

A further 5,200 jobs will come with the London Luton Airport Enterprise Zone at New Century Park and Bartlett Square.

Growing the airport will also act as a catalyst for Luton to become a leading hub for green technology, research and finance. It will therefore play a crucial role in delivering a more sustainable, prosperous and healthier future for the people of Luton – a very important example of levelling up.