Environmental charity transforms lives and places

If you’re unemployed and struggling to get back into work, you may be feeling low on confidence. You may want to improve your skills and even gain new qualifications. One of the organisations that helps in Luton is the environmental charity Groundwork East, which works with communities challenged by deprivation to transform places and lives.

Ben’s passport to a new career on the Luton DART

Ben Scott had enjoyed various jobs since graduating from the University of Hertfordshire with a degree in maths and computer studies. Still, he had a hankering to find a longer-term career path – and soon he found it on our pioneering Luton DART construction scheme.

Vision for Green Horizons in Luton

Concepts for Luton Rising’s proposed Green Horizons Park next to the airport in Luton have been discussed by industry and investment leaders.

Going the extra mile to help children with autism thrive

Teenager Jen* became aware that she was different to her friends and that they no longer wished to hang around with her. She was socially awkward and no longer seemed to fit in.

When her mum discovered Autism Bedfordshire and its evening social group Wanted Fun, she described it as “a godsend”.

Children learning Level Trust

Poverty must not stop children from loving to learn: Level Trust

Shortly after her father died suddenly from cancer, Natalie couldn’t bring herself to ask her grieving mum for money for a winter coat. Her dad had been the bread-winner, and mum was struggling. The 11 year old was shivering while trying to play with her school friends at break time, and kept catching colds and becoming unwell.

Voice of the Dart logo

Could YOU be the voice of the new Luton DART?

We are looking for local Luton residents to be the voice of the Luton DART, giving you your chance at a moment in the spotlight. It could be your voice that is heard on the recorded announcements on the Luton DART, and in the Luton DART terminal.