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Jet Zero confirms value of Green Controlled Growth

The value of our ground-breaking Green Controlled Growth framework for the sustainable expansion of London Luton Airport has become even more apparent following the long-awaited publication of the Government’s Jet Zero Strategy last week.

Luton Rising CEO Graham Olver said: “It enables us demonstrate once again how we are already far ahead of the curve in developing our industry-leading approach to place environmental impacts on an equal footing with economic benefits for the first time within a proposal for growth of a UK airport.

“Working in partnership with our operator, we are also making great progress towards making sure our airport operations are zero emissions by 2040, enabling delivery in Luton of another of the Government’s key commitments.”

Jet Zero highlights the Government’s continued commitment to support airport expansion where airports can demonstrate that the growth will be sustainable.

It also confirms that the Government will not pursue demand management measures to reduce aviation emissions, and instead will focus on the rapid development of technologies.

Mr Olver added: “This is vital to ensure that there are no knock-on effects on the economic and societal benefits that Luton in particular – as the UK’s leading socially-impactful airport, re-investing profits into frontline services and community groups – is uniquely well placed to deliver. 

“Jet Zero is to be warmly welcomed for the ambitious commitments and targets it outlines for aviation up to 2050. We believe our unique approach, in addition to the measures outlined by the Government, will support our aim to be one of the greenest airports, and we are looking forward to continued engagement with the sector on the path to a net zero aviation sector by 2050.”