Luton comes to life with the help of the Special Events Fund

After over a year of events and creativity grinding to a halt, in February 2022, we launched the start of a fund to support the return of community events in Luton. Thanks to our community’s fantastic efforts to bring vibrancy, generosity of spirit and creativity back to local neighbourhoods , the Luton Rising Special Events Community Award Fund 2022 has been able to support over 14 events across the breadth of the community so far.

Apprentices at Luton Rising promoted to permanent staff members

Luton Rising is delighted to be able to celebrate the fantastic success of our apprentices, who were promoted to full time staff members earlier this month. This is a huge milestone for our apprentices, who have worked hard over 12 months to develop their skills through training and professional work experience.

AfroFest comes to Luton

Luton AfroFest will host its first African festival that will showcase African music, cultural, fashion, and cuisine. The event is free and will be held on Saturday, July 23rd at Manor Park, Luton.

Queen’s Jubilee and Luton Carnival come to town

With the special bank holiday to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 70 years on the throne taking place on 2 and 3 June, Lutonians across the town will be joining in the festivities and fun, as well as joining in the International Carnival. Roughly 30 street parties will also be taking place as people take the opportunity to be part of this momentous historic occasion for the nation.

Farida finds a new future on the Luton DART project

Two years ago, Farida was keen to get a new career under way after having a family. Having previously worked in retail management, she wanted to use her excellent organisational skills.

Farida was interested in construction but didn’t know how to find an entry point. The answer arrived via our pioneering Luton DART project.

Going the extra mile to help children with autism thrive

Teenager Jen* became aware that she was different to her friends and that they no longer wished to hang around with her. She was socially awkward and no longer seemed to fit in.

When her mum discovered Autism Bedfordshire and its evening social group Wanted Fun, she described it as “a godsend”.

Over 357 trees planted across Luton

The Peace Garden, a wonderful community led and driven initiative to plant trees in memory of those in Luton who have lost their lives to Covid, continues its planting across Luton.

Women’s Aid Luton

Luton mum Shameya was attending a local mental health wellbeing group when her facilitator became concerned that she may be experiencing domestic abuse at home.

Shameya’s partner would not allow her to have any control over the parenting of their children and she was not allowed to see family and friends. She was restricted to her bedroom, and only allowed into the kitchen to cook meals for her partner and children.