An introduction to our values and to our team

Our mission and values

Luton Rising is the trading name of London Luton Airport Ltd.

The airport is our largest asset, but we are much more than airport. We are owned by a sole shareholder Luton Council for community benefit, not private shareholders.  We are supporting a movement to create a town built on fairness, where people can thrive and no-one has to live in poverty.

This is reflected in our values. It is also reflected in very tangible contributions.

The contribution we are able to make to frontline services amounts to 15% of the Council’s income. On top of that, we give significant support to community groups and services in Luton, amounting to around £7 million this year. These include organisations which help homeless people, people needing mental health support and people who are hungry. We highlight some of these people in the Our Community section.

Our social impact comes not just from these substantial financial contributions to Luton’s public services and community organisations (£412 million in total since 1998). It is also reflected in how we grow our business, such as developing a new, green innovation hub, and our inclusive employment initiatives.

As the most significant business in the region, the airport supports 27,000 jobs and £1.8 billion in economic activity.

Our other assets, such as the Luton DART, have given opportunities to hundreds of people to develop skills and begin their careers, and our business parks will take this further. This is truly “levelling up”. This is covered in detail in the Our Airport section.

As owners of an airport, we are aware of our environmental impact: particularly carbon emissions, noise, traffic and air pollution. Our sustainability strategy is, we believe, the most far-reaching commitment to minimising these environmental impacts ever put forward by a UK airport. And we aim to go further, pro-actively supporting the Council’s target for Luton to be carbon neutral by 2040. You can read much more about this in the Our Planet section.

We are, in essence, a social enterprise, at the heart of a movement for positive change in our town and in our region. We hope you will join us on that journey.

Luton Rising is the trading name of London Luton Airport Ltd, a company that owns London Luton Airport. Our shareholder is Luton Council, which means that financial benefits arising from airport ownership can flow directly into local and nearby communities impacted by its operations.

Our Board of Directors is appointed by Luton Council, as shareholder, predominantly from amongst its elected Members. The Directors of Luton Rising are currently:

  • Councillor Javeria Hussain (Chair)
  • Councillor Amy Nicholls (Vice Chair)
  • Councillor Andrew Malcolm
  • Councillor Waheed Akbar
  • Councillor Khtija Malik
  • Councillor Anne Donelon
  • Councillor John Young
  • Dr Romano Pagliari (Advisory Member)
  • Mr Roy Davis (Advisory Member)

Directors’ report and financial statements

Annual Business Plan 2022-23

View the latest annual report and accounts.


Procurement Policy

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

The Luton Rising Team

  • Graham Olver


  • Mark Turner

    Executive Director- Governance

  • Ian Otter

    Programme Director

  • Jackie Little

    Support Services Manager

  • Matthew Geraghty

    Interim Chief Financial Officer

  • Antony Aldridge

    Programme Director

  • Alicja Pronobis

    Administration and Facility Management Officer

  • Kyran Hughes

    Programme Support Administrator

  • Karen Fletcher

    Programme Support Coordinator

  • Niamh Saunders

    Executive Business Administrator

  • Rosie Copperwheat

    Social Media Coordinator

  • Susan Hall

    Programme Management Officer

  • Chris Hall

    Communications & Engagement Manager

  • Pam Shaw

    Commercial Property Facilities Manager

  • Ruud Haket

    DART General Manager

  • Nick Prowse

    Commercial and Legal Director

  • Emma Parkins

    DART Marketing & Events Manager

  • Sandra Billins

    Personal Assistant to CEO

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