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Luton Rising is a business and social enterprise that is owned by a sole shareholder, Luton Council, for community benefit, not private shareholders. Our largest asset is London Luton Airport, and we are proud that we are owners of by far the most socially impactful airport in the country, supporting and improving lives across the communities we serve. We make a major economic contribution to our local region, and aim to be one of the greenest airports.


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Farida finds a new future on the Luton DART project

Two years ago, Farida was keen to get a new career under way after having a family. Having previously worked in retail management, she wanted to use her excellent organisational skills.

Farida was interested in construction but didn’t know how to find an entry point. The answer arrived via our pioneering Luton DART project.


Going the extra mile to help children with autism thrive

Teenager Jen* became aware that she was different to her friends and that they no longer wished to hang around with her. She was socially awkward and no longer seemed to fit in.

When her mum discovered Autism Bedfordshire and its evening social group Wanted Fun, she described it as “a godsend”.


Excellent engagement on consultation on proposed expansion of London Luton Airport

From 8 February until 4 April, Luton Rising held a statutory consultation on the long-term proposals to increase the capacity of the airport to 32 million passengers per year, by building a new terminal and making the best use of the existing runway.

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