Our airport.
Our community.
Our planet.

Luton Rising is a business and social enterprise that works in, for and is owned by the community – our sole shareholder is Luton Council. Our largest asset is London Luton Airport, and we are proud that we are owners of by far the most socially impactful airport in the country, supporting and improving lives across the communities we serve.

We make a major economic contribution to our local region, and aim to be one of the greenest airports.


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London Luton Airport: new joint investment package charts path to sustainable post-Covid recovery

The owner and the operator of London Luton Airport have announced a new joint investment package to support the airport’s sustainable recovery following the severe impacts of the pandemic.


Morton House – a new skills, innovation and business hub to create 200 jobs for Luton

A new skills, innovation and business hub is expected to create over 200 new jobs for Luton, thanks to Luton Rising, the council’s company which owns the airport.


Luton Rising: a new brand and era for company that owns London Luton Airport

We are London Luton Airport Ltd (LLAL), the Luton Council company that owns but does not run London Luton Airport, and we call this project Future Luton.

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