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Luton Rising is a business and social enterprise that is owned by a sole shareholder, Luton Council, for community benefit, not private shareholders. Our largest asset is London Luton Airport, and we are proud that we are owners of by far the most socially impactful airport in the country, supporting and improving lives across the communities we serve. We make a major economic contribution to our local region, and aim to be one of the greenest airports.


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Luton comes to life with the help of the Special Events Fund

After over a year of events and creativity grinding to a halt, in February 2022, we launched the start of a fund to support the return of community events in Luton. Thanks to our community’s fantastic efforts to bring vibrancy, generosity of spirit and creativity back to local neighbourhoods , the Luton Rising Special Events Community Award Fund 2022 has been able to support over 14 events across the breadth of the community so far.


Jet Zero confirms value of Green Controlled Growth

The value of our ground-breaking Green Controlled Growth framework for the sustainable expansion of London Luton Airport has become even more apparent following the long-awaited publication of the Government’s Jet Zero Strategy last week.


Your engagement makes us better.

Luton Rising’s new Engagement Director, Orlagh Ennis shares her plans in the lead up to the DCO application.

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